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Joe Staton as LeBeau, Amiens, Corin and Jacques de Boys also showed promise in each of his appearances - especially making the most out of the latter role of Orlando and Oliver's long-lost brother.

- Hot Take, Classical NYC Reviews on the Rogue Player's production of As You Like It

Joe Staton (Gremio / Tailor) provided a terrific counterpoint to the general jovial silliness by taking his role as the sour, unappreciated misfit member of the boyz club to dizzying heights. Twice. There is no textual reason for the two parts he played to have the same frustrated and annoyed character, but the result was delicious fun-the sort of play within a play device with which Shrew is historically tied to. 

- Ellen J Larson - Vermont Theatre Network review of Shakespeare In the Woods production of Taming of The Shrew